Lang Thang Travel

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Objective: Lang Thang Travel aimed to enhance its services by establishing an online presence for both multi-day and single-day tours, with a specific focus on enabling seamless online payments.

Challenges: The absence of an online platform hindered Lang Thang Travel's ability to efficiently showcase and sell their diverse range of tours. Manual booking processes and a lack of online payment options presented obstacles in reaching a wider audience and providing a convenient booking experience.

Solution: We designed and developed a dynamic website for Lang Thang Travel, featuring user-friendly interfaces for browsing both multi-day and single-day tours. Integrated online payment gateways streamlined the booking process, providing customers with a secure and convenient way to reserve their desired tours. The website also incorporated informative content and visually appealing elements to showcase the travel agency's offerings effectively.

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Lang Thang Travel


Web Development, UX/UI